Friday, June 24, 2005

Sitting here in my office at work. Don't feel like doing anything. I was some what ok this morning, just a bit stuffy. Then I got here to the north end of the city and my allergies have hit. Feels like someone punched me in the face. I can barely concentrate on the computer screen, and the idea of being nice to someone on the phone is just to hard. Please oh please let the day end.

Youngest graduated from Senior Kindergarten this morning. She has been so excited all week about today, until last night. Wife got home from NY, and Youngest showed her the dress that she wanted to wear. Wife said no, youngest said she wasn't going to Grad. What a night, screaming crying yelling... She's only 5, what will it be like when she is 13. Maybe I should run away now.

Spent yesterday with Eldest at St. Mike's, It was orientation day for new students. Haven't seen him this happy in a long time. Should be good, he's going into grade 8 (doesn't know anyone)but does know 4 kids going into grade 7 and one guy going into grade 9. We then confirmed his appt for braces and headed to Chapters to buy some novels for him to read. He did give me a jolt later in the day, he wiped out on his bike and just lay there. Ran to him, he was fine, skinned elbow and some scratches was it, no blood. He has a thing about pain, even the smallest bit is to much for him. He has to learn to grin and bare it, its hard to teach him this, cause it makes me feel like a uncaring monster, but he can't go through life crying about every little cut and scrap. I was proud of him later on at Taekwondo, he hurt his foot but told me he wouldn't give up because he wasn't a quitter. First time in his life he did this, I was really proud of him.

Middle has decided that she wants to continue to learn guitar. So we bought the one we rented from Long & McQuade. I am really proud of her, in 9 weeks she has gone from not knowing how to read music to playing notes from sheet music and hearing notes in songs on the radio .. and telling me what they are. Just the other day when she was practicing she asked me if I would listen and tell her if the notes she found were a song. All of a sudden I heard her play Eric Clapton's Tears in Heaven. This was her just playing around with the guitar.

I'm such a proud daddy.