Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What happened on Tuesday May 22nd?


Okay, who watched the season finale of Heroes? Who is pissed off, I mean who's is pissed off that we have to wait for September or October to see what happens next. Sylar's escape at the end was bit contrived. We need another antagonist to hate and fear.
Did Peter die? Did Nathan die? Hold on wait a second, Peter has Claire's healing power. So if Nathan dropped Peter before Peter could explode would that mean both Peter and Nathan are still alive.
Why wouldn't Sylar try to explode instead of throwing Hiro across that Plaza. What did the greying of the eyes mean, was Sylar having a vision before he passed out. What was the vision. What in the heck is Hiro doing in Japan of the 1600's.
If you need your Heroes kick, head over to NBC's Heroes page, the have a really good online graphic novel to read. When going through the Heroes page, hit a few links they have put in a few surpires .. Yamagato Fellowship, maybe apply for a job at Primatech Paper. Or if your really in need of a Heroes fix log into 9th Wonders.
We'll we have to wait until August 28th to buy the season 1 DVD. To many questions, what a great cliff hanger.

Listening to The Clash, Time is Tight, Black Market Clash (It's a instrumental cover of the Booker T. Jones song.)