Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What happened on Tuesday May 30th?

Gerber Daisy

Okay I am a big wimp, a suck, a cry baby. I try to follow two rules in life ... Pay It Forward and TANSTAAFAL.
"What do you mean?" you say, well, Pay It Forward was not just a movie, it's an idea .. Do something good or receive a good deed and instead of expecting payment (cash, gift or even a thank you) ask for it to be payed forward. So the person you help, helps someone else. I know simple idea, hard to do.
As for TANSTAAFL, it stands for There Ain't No Thing As A Free Lunch Kind of harsh, but it true, nothing in this world is free, you have to work for everything you get. No one owes you anything, you have to work to recieve. When you receive something with what some people think of haveing no strings attached, to me means I have to work to pass the that reward on. I am responsible for the good deeds done for me or by me. So Pay It Forward and TANSTAAFL are ideas to live by.
What made me write about this philosphy is a new feature it the Toronto Star. Give it a read, I was on the verge of tears.
(what a wimp I am)

Listening to: Siouxsie And The Banshees, Playground Twist, off of Join Hands (1979)
Hanging from your daisy chains
Swinging in the trees
Running from your enemies
And falling on your knees
On your knees
Get down on your knees

Throw the dice
You three blind mice
Did you ever see
Such a thing in your life
You swallow the trail
But still arrive
Inside your entrails

Hanging out at party games
Dancing in the shadows
Up and down on the see-saw
Balancing the scales
You're drunk
Yet you're balancing the scales

Someone to blame
Someone to shame
Someone who you can claim
Go back to pass the parcel
And follow the leader

Hanging from your climbing frames
Swinging in the gallows
Laughing with your buddies
But you can drown when you're shallow
You can drown...