Wednesday, May 16, 2007

What happened on Wednesday May 16th?

More Tulips, the storm last night destroyed them so no more tulip shots.

Aaahh!! I admit I am a weak man. HMV is having a special sale .. Buy one CD for $10 get one for free. When the girls and I were in buying CD's for mothers day I saw the CD's for sale in a rack. I took a quick look, mostly no name albums or artists, but I saw a bit of gold. I am a sucker for what I call delete bins.

So today I went back to HMV ... I am weak.

5 CD's.
Janis Joplin - I Got Dem Ol' Kosmic Blues Again Mama, Columbia Records -> $10.00
The Clash - Black Market Clash, Sony -> Free
Dave Brubeck's - Greatist Hits, Columbia Legacy -> $10.00
Cowboy Junkies - Platinum Gold Collection RCA/BMG Heritage -> Free

and then since I got such a good deal (I think I did)
Hostage Life - Walking Papers, Underground Operations -> $14.99

So five albums for $40.00, not so bad.

This delete bin thing goes way back into my past. When I first started working fulltime I was at a radio station that is now gone. I started there back in '85 as a overnight audio tech. A group of us from the station would get together every friday morning for pancakes at the Golden Griddle across from Maple Leaf Gardens. Once breakfast was finished we would hit the record stores on Yonge Street, the challenge was to buy as many records as you could with spending as little money as possible. I found and bought discs from the delete bins like The Who-Tommy for $4.99, the 1980 album Drastic Measures by Drastic Measures (this is the one with Teddy Bears Picnic on it, I think Nash the Slash had something to do with the arranging of that song), and Black Flag My War. Those were great days, I never had much money but I always seemed to have enough to spend it on records, comics and beer. Part of me misses those days.

To top this off I have found a couple of songs online that have made me very happy.
One Louder has posted multiple versions of one of my favorite songs .. Black Betty. Add to that I have finally found a copy of William Shatner covering Pulp's Common People

By the way great episode of Heroes on monday. The season ending is next Monday.

Listening to XTC, All Of You Pretty Girls, The Big Express 1984

Do something for me, boys
If I should die at sea, boys
Write a little note, boys
Set it off afloat, saying

Bless you, bless you, all of you pretty girls
Village and city girls by the quayside
Bless you, bless you, all of you pretty girls
Watching and waiting by the sea

Bless you, bless you, all of you pretty girls
Quiet or witty girls by the quayside
Bless you, bless you, all of you pretty girls
Watching and waiting by the sea

I think about your pale arms waving
When I see the caps upon the green
And the rocking roller-coaster ocean
Think about you every night when I'm fathoms asleep
And in my dreams
We are rocking in a similar motion

I think about the salt sea rolling
Down in pearly tears upon your cheeks
Just like the day the harbour pulled away
I think about your warm white sheets unfolding
The more I have to drink
The more that I can think to say