Wednesday, January 11, 2006

January 11 th.

I am frustrated. It looks like we will have a Conservative/Reform gov't. Only two weeks out from the vote and the NDP is saying they can work with Harper. Unfortunately I feel they are putting blinders on. This is a party that was begun by Preston Manning and his cronies, run by Stockwell Day and now in the hands of Harper (who is an anomaly .. we know nothing about him).
My vote will not be a deciding vote; it’s more like a vote to shore up a broken dam. We need to make sure we don't have a Conservative/Reform majority. Do you vote Liberal or NDP .. in my riding it is hard to choose. It has always been a Liberal riding, and if history repeats it will stay Liberal. I don't believe that the Conservative Party will be the best for Canada and I don't want to see a majority gov't again for a very long time so I have to decide which is the best way to swing my vote.