Tuesday, January 24, 2006

January 24 th.

I am going to whine and complain.

Parents, lets compare schedules. Wife and I register the kids in a lot of activities. I start work at between 8 and 8:30 and I get off work at 5 pm. I want to show you my weekly schedule.

9am Snowboarding lessons for Eldest 1hr
10:30 am House League hockey practice for Middle 1hr
2 pm (every second sunday) Confirmation classes for Eldest 1 1/2 hrs
2:30 pm Ski lessons Youngest 2 hrs

8:30 pm Select team hockey practice Eldest 1 hr
8:30 pm TaiKwonDo Eldest and Me (will be able to make it once hockey is over) 1 hr

6pm Drum lessons Eldest 1 hr
6 pm Slyvan learning Middle 2 hrs
7 pm TaiKwonDo Eldest and me (I will be able to make it in feb, once we stop Slyvan 1 1/2 hrs

6 pm Dance class Youngest 1/2 hr
6:30 pm Dance class Middle 1 hr
8:30 pm TaiKwonDo Eldest and Me 1 1/2 hrs

6:30 pm Gymnastics lessons Youngest 1hr
8 pm TaiKwonDo Eldest and Me 1 hr

6:30 pm Goalie class Middle 1 hr
7:30 pm TaiKwonDo Eldest and Me (I will be able to make it once hockey ends) 1 hr

7:30 am Tyke house league hockey Youngest
11:30 or 12:30 Atom house league hockey game Middle
4:20 or 5:20 Bantam house league hockey game Eldest

On top of this Eldest has at least one Select hockey game a week, usually between 8 and 10 pm. We also have to fit homework in here. Wife can't get the kids to anything as she works out in the west end and doesn't get home till 7:30 pm.

I'm whinning, I know, but I'm tired. Thank god this ends in March.

Addendum January 25 th. 11:21 am, I know Wife and I are very lucky and that there are a lot of people who are a hell of a lot worse off then wife and I are. But I am allowed to whine sometimes (not a lot but sometimes).