Wednesday, January 04, 2006

January 4th.

Okay .. I'm a prick, a heel, a horrible father.

I did not trust my own son. Eldest had a Chapters gift card on his dresser, it was they same "look" as the one we gave him to give his teacher, it was the same value. This made me think that Eldest had removed it from the card from his teacher and keep it for himself. I asked who had given him the card, he said he was not sure, that it had been in a unsigned envelope. I did not confront Eldest .. I went to Chapters and asked if they could tell me when and where the card had been purchased. a)it was not purchased at the same store where I had bought the gift card for his teacher, b) it was bought in Barrie c)my mother must have bought it.

I am a heel, a cretin, a horrible father for not trusting my son. I will never let him know this, I will slip the card back into his room with out him knowing. It makes me feel so good that I can trust my son. God I'm a horrible father.