Thursday, January 19, 2006

Thursday January 19 th.

We seem to forget that the Canadian election is not the centre of the world. 1 Canadain was killed this week and 3 others injured.

From the Toronto Star, Jan 16/2006
Glyn Berry, Canada's senior diplomat in southern Afghanistan, died in the attack. The 59-year-old was political director of the 250-member provincial reconstruction team in Kandahar city.

A man claiming to be a spokesman for the Taliban said the insurgent group that once ran Afghanistan had taken responsibility for the attack. Witnesses reported at least two Afghan citizens were also killed and 10 more were injured.

The three injured soldiers — Pte. William Edward Salikin, Cpl. Jeffrey Bailey and Master Cpl. Paul Franklin — were based in Edmonton. Bailey and Franklin are from that city, while Salikin is from Grand Forks, B.C.

Now I'm not a fan of war, and I am certainly not a fan of Bush's war in Iraq, but Canada has made a commitment to sending troops to Afganistan to remove the Taliban and as Canadians we have to support our own. You may not agree with war or killing, but when Canadian diplomats and soldiers are killed or injured we have to stand behind and honour what they are doing. You and I sure as hell aren't over there, we are sitting safe here at home. We can pontificate all we want, but we are here (safe and sound) and have no right to judge or forget them. If you disagree with us being there, disagree with our governments policies, VOTE, the party in power out, but support and help the people who are sent.

I rambled enough today, forget the election for a few minutes, say a prayer, to whichever god you believe in, for the men that are hurt, so that they can get better and for Glyn Berry and his family.