Thursday, January 05, 2006

January 5 th.

I get upset at a lot of things. Elections, Guns, violence, companies or governments taking advantage of their positions.. etc... But what pisses me off the most are those creatures that take advantage of children.

Two stories caught my attention today. The Star has a piece about a Canadian that got three years for attempting to sexually molest a minor after meeting her through the internet and them traveling to her home in the states to have sex. He also has been accused of molesting another girl.
The other story is from Vermont were a judge has given one of these sickos a 60 day sentence for repeatedly raping a child over 4 years. Can anyone else see something wrong here? Why aren't the sentences longer ..? Can’t these things just be put away? Can't we just be rid of them? You can't fix them, you can't heal them ... this is like saying we will fix you from being heterosexual. They are a perversion and we can't let them prey on our children.

I know, now I will get some right wing hack hitting me with notes saying vote conservative and we will put them in jail for longer. Not an answer!, unfortunately I don't have one.

I'm left wing Liberal or right wing NDP .. even I'm not sure ... I know I don't want a Conservative majority government, but I also want someone to put in place laws that will take control of these creatures and limit their rights in our society. My MP voted against a law that would increase the legal age of consensual sex. Why?

Just to make sure everyone understands this is not a rant against gays ... this is a rant against either straight/gay male/female attacks on children. I define children as anyone under 17. Maybe it’s just because I'm a father of three, or that I know people who were molested as children and I've seen what it has done to their lives. This is a evil we have to get rid of.. not party politics, not lying politicians, terrorism or tariffs. This is something we have to take care of now.. it can’t be shoved to the 2nd page of a newspaper. But how do we stop the abuse?

Anyway this is a rant and a ramble. I guess I should just stop rambling.