Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Car Insurance Pt. 2

To continue the story ... I had to take middle to her guitar/tap lessons last night, but they had canceled the policy on the car I drive (for non payment, I was not paying because they had increased the amount once already and now were demanding $200 more) we have a old '94 caravan that has been sitting in the garage for almost two years, we've been planning on giving to charity . I got home went straight to garage fiddled with the van .. wouldn't start .. I am not a mechanic in fact I don't know what the fuck I was doing. Any way, I exchanged the battery from the crown vic put it in the van and started right up (had some luck for once). So I put air in tires and got middle to her class, wife met me there so I even had time to get home pick up oldest so that we could be at Taekwondo class on time. It really felt good to take some stress out by kicking things.

That was last night, this morning the Insurance Broker (crook?) called and said that we could drive the car, that they have temporally reinstated the policy. I am getting really fed up with this shit. I going to call him back and ask for it by fax.

More to come in the future.

Have fun reading about people who are as in bad or worse shape then or selves

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