Monday, May 23, 2005

Just got back from the cottage. Dock is in, did nothing but work on the dock. No fishing, no hiking, no gentle cuddles on the beach. It was a work weekend, sun. sweat and black flies. No complaint from me, I had a great weekend. Went to bed each night tired. Woke up refreshed.

Wife didn't have the best weekend, only got her out of the cottage a couple of times. Either it was a cold wind or there was not wind and the black flies were out in force. I felt sorry for her. I do love her so and I hate to see her unhappy.

The kids seemed to have a good weekend, youngest and middle hung around their cousin and her boyfriend. Oldest helped his grandfather and I with the docks or hung with his cousin. They all went for walks, and played dice games. Watched videos, rented a few they have never seen. I scored on those, everyone was enjoyed. They even collected wood for our bonfire.

On sunday night we did a bonfire on the beach, after wife/my mother/my sister/my neice/my middle daughter all watched the season finale of Desperate House Wives, and set of fireworks (that wife bought, she knows how to reach my heart) All in all it was a great Victoria Day Weekend.