Friday, May 13, 2005

Friday the 13th .. the only one this year

Well this is how my day started .. oldest is almost in tears because his throat hurts (over acting so he can stay home), so I sent him back to bed, checked middles homework because I had forgotten to do it the night before, I wanted to watch ER, all of the math questions right, am so proud of her (I'll tell of the traumas of Math later). Got ready for work, went out to the car and the Crown Vic wouldn't start, went into the garage to get the Grand Caravan out .. once I connected the battery the Alarm wouldn't stop no matter what I did .. I couldn't find the remote .. Finally got it to stop by cutting the wire ... While I was driving out to Sentinal Dr the van dies as I am going around a corner .. Power steering, right! .. Finally got the van to stop .. In the middle of the street .. Fiddled with the battery.... Van started, now my hands are all covered in grease and crap.

But on the good side .. I got to see a Canada goose with her babies while I was driving by a pond. Have a happy Friday the 13th

When I opened Outlook this morning I had 13 emails and a black cat is now sitting outside my window.

I hedging my bets though .. I bought both Super 7 and 6/49 .. either $25,000,000 or $21,000,000 .. I think I've got a chance .. yea sure