Thursday, May 05, 2005

Well, Every thing seems fine

Got home last night... Talked to oldest about what happened. Principal confronted the culprits, which now puts oldest in more trouble with them. What a world.

Middle was sick yesterday, but had a full recovery last night when her friends wanted to come over and play. Youngest wants "mothers day" to happen, so that she can give her mother the gift she has made. This is all she talks about.

Me I just want to buy a bed finally. Our water bed sprung a leak 2 months ago. We've been very busy with kids and our own activities..Hockey, swimming, dance, martial arts, gym class, etc .. Wife and I have been investigating best price on beds this whole time ... I just want to buy one .. Soon ...Now ... I'm tired of sleeping in the living room.

As to interesting things in the world .. I guess that its VE week in Europe, UK is voting and bombs explode in NY .. I want to buy a bed? How do I fit it with these things.