Friday, May 27, 2005

Fiddling with old posts today .. check out my movie and music pages. I'm constantly updating them, finding band websites, information on movies I like and so on. It makes it kind of easy to do this when all your doing is dialing dead phone numbers all day. The Boss has decided he wants our contact managment system cleaned. So I have to call, qualify or kill companies that are in the system.

Hey, I am not a telephone marketeer . I'm a inside sales guy who only calls companies that are in a certian construction trade. I do not leave messages or hard sell our product. I wait to contact people and offer them infomation, how they want to use the information is how I try and guide them, the courses and books call this relationship sales. Its bullshit.. you sell to a person the way you would like to be sold to...You want service, prompt truthful response and polite conversation. Its not somthing that the classes can teach you. Listen, respond, listen, ask for the sale if you hear the correct response. Thats what bugs me about some sales people is that for the most part they are so interested in their own voices they don't hear what is being said. The big word is Listen.