Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Shoes .. Not Feet

Ok, I've been depressing and dire since I started to write this thing.

Well for this once, because I saw this site http://www.votos.de/FEET_ME/, I decided that I have to let go.


Its not sexual(at least I don't think it is), but I like shoes. Its the first thing I notice on a woman, after looking to see if I can see her breasts (which I like also). Shoes show such lines and grace in the foot, which is really the most ugly appendage on our bodies. I may give a foot rub, I may caress a foot but I would never suck on a toe. Gross. But a beautiful shoe on a women's foot .. Ah!! Heaven.

I like to shop for shoes for myself... I like to shop for shoes with my wife... I like to shop for shoes for my kids. I hate shopping but shopping for shoes is fun. I like beautiful shoes, evening shoes, classy shoes and even in some cases sexy shoes, but not the slutty ones.

Ok so I admit it, it is a sexual obsession, not a fetish(I don't like those types of shoes) ... Just looking at those links gets me aroused